10 Predictions For Web Design Trends in 2015

We have compiled a list of 10 predictions that in our opinion will turn out to be correct to a varying degree. We have excluded flat style and responsiveness because of their obviousness. The first one has got an enormous stimulus from material design, and the second one, well, it is hard to name a trend actually, nowadays it is a must-have requirement. Also, we do not include ghost buttons since they are literally everywhere. So let’s get acquainted with our prognoses…

Source: www.onextrapixel.com


Kenneth Carnesi holds a Juris Doctor degree from New York Law School and a Professional Certificate in International Banking from Harvard Law School. Kenneth Carnesi is the Director of Operations and Government Sales at Anaptyx LLC and sits on the Boards of The Lazarus Organization, Monkeetech LLC and MG Madison Phillips, Inc. Mr. Carnesi has also founded CICG - Carnesi International Consulting Group, a company specializing in strategy consulting to small to mid-size businesses.

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