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(CNET) – LinkedIn has redesigned its LinkedIn Jobs tool in an effort to show job seekers positions they can actually get.

The professional social network today announced the launch of the new tool, which now showcases open positions at companies where a person has allies, or “first degree connections” in LinkedIn speak, who can get the candidate noticed.

The new jobs tool, which will be rolled out to all 200 million members over the next few weeks, also features added search and management tools. For instance, LinkedIn Jobs now lets people more deeply refine their searches for open positions with ZIP code, industry, and function filters, as well as view the newest available jobs from previously saved searches. Premium subscribers can also limit results to positions that match their salary requirements.

It remains to be seen whether the changes to the consumer-facing tool will work out for the site’s…

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Kenneth Carnesi holds a Juris Doctor degree from New York Law School and a Professional Certificate in International Banking from Harvard Law School. Kenneth Carnesi is the Director of Operations and Government Sales at Anaptyx LLC and sits on the Boards of The Lazarus Organization, Monkeetech LLC and MG Madison Phillips, Inc. Mr. Carnesi has also founded CICG - Carnesi International Consulting Group, a company specializing in strategy consulting to small to mid-size businesses.

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