Finding the Courage to Begin Again

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Begin again bird taking off

I usually sleep the New Year in and watch the ball drop on the news. New Year’s Eve is an imaginary line in the sand but, I must confess, its power is real. New Year’s inspires us to begin again.

Step into the future or settle for the past.

Three keys to courageously begin again:

People give courage.

The people closest to you determine
the heights you reach.

You don’t lack determination you lack encouraging friends. Connect with courage-givers not courage-drainers. You won’t go far without others.

Resolution: Make a short list of people who lift you and spend more time with them.

Resolution: Fill those around you with courage by honoring their strengths. Make them feel they matter.

Positives inspire courage.

There’s something wrong with everything. There’s always room for improvement. Celebrate progress more frequently than suggesting improvements. Celebrations inspire courage. Constant correction drains courage.

Explaining what’s next
without celebrating…

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Kenneth Carnesi holds a Juris Doctor degree from New York Law School and a Professional Certificate in International Banking from Harvard Law School. Kenneth Carnesi is the Director of Operations and Government Sales at Anaptyx LLC and sits on the Boards of The Lazarus Organization, Monkeetech LLC and MG Madison Phillips, Inc. Mr. Carnesi has also founded CICG - Carnesi International Consulting Group, a company specializing in strategy consulting to small to mid-size businesses.

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